Friday, September 30, 2011

MFW Adventures, Week 5

We've had another great week full of learning new things and for the most part, loving every minute of it.

Here's some of what we've been learning this week.

  • Continued to learn about Jesus, Light of the World
  • Spiritual Darkness vs. Spiritual Light
  • Learned not to hide our Light, Jesus

Bible Verses we studied:
  • Memory Verse: John 8:12
  • Matthew 5:14-16
  • John 9:1-11
  • John 1:9
  • John 3:19-21
  • 1 John 1:5-10
  • Revelation 21:7, 22-23
This was a fun worksheet that I found on the Internet.

  • Pilgrims coming to America on the Mayflower
  • Jobs of the men and the women of the Mayflower
  • What boys and girls helped their parents' with
  • The season when they arrived in America
  • What had to be done to survive their first winter 
  • Building of their first home
  • How they made windows when they didn't have glass
  • Food
  • Sickness
  • Indians helping the Pilgrims
  • Squanto caring for the Pilgrims by teaching them to plant corn and how to fish without a hook

Little Man placed our Pilgrims timeline piece this week.

We finished reading Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims. What an awesome read! Little Man just couldn't get enough of it. When we finished the book, he still wanted more and said that they should make a sequel. I love it! He's finally starting to realize how wonderful some stories are if you just take the time to read them.

Little Man spent some time this week learning the first verse of the song, America. He loves listening to the music.

Little Man is making a window like the Pilgrims did. He's spreading oil on one piece of paper and leaving the other alone. He's trying to find out why they did this and why the plain paper was not enough.

I managed to find two pieces of junk mail that were the same. Here he is sliding them under each of his windows.

Wow! You can really see through the oiled paper and can barely see through the plain paper.

Next, he held them to the window to see how much light would shine through. Huge difference between the two.

Then to the bathtub for the heavy rain test. Well, of course, the plain paper just fell apart. But the oiled paper held together quite nicely and after he shook the excess water off, the paper wasn't even wet. That's pretty amazing!

I found this cute worksheet on the Internet somewhere. He wrote some reasons on the sails to show why he thought the Pilgrims came to America.

His drawing is of an Indian boy and a Pilgrim boy. They were shooting arrows at each other and both of them shot through the paper windows (the black square and rectangles). The little red circles under the tree are leaves.

Here's our popcorn plants that we started in our mini greenhouses. We will move them to a planter as soon as they are ready.  We are experimenting also with the placement of our plants in the yard.
Popcorn Plants #1 have the sun from the east shining on it.

 Popcorn plants #2 have the sun from the north shining on it.

Popcorn plants #3 have the sun from the west shining on it.
I'll keep y'all updated on their progress.


  • Stars (Sun, Proxima Centauri, Betelgeuse, North Star)
  • Constellations (Ursa Major or Great Bear, Ursa Minor or Little Bear, Big Dipper)
  • Galaxies (Our galaxy...the Milky Way)
  • We read Job 38:12 and Job 38:32-33. We talked about how God is in control of the stars, the planets, everything. 

This week we learned that the star named Betelgeuse is 600 times larger than the sun. This means that even though it would take us 300 years to reach Betelgeuse going at the speed of light, it is so large that we can see it without using a telescope.
So we shrunk the sun down to 1 inch and took it outside.

Since the sun is now 1 inch, that would make Betelgeuse 600 inches (16 2/3 yards). So Little Man is measuring out from the sun.

And here you have it! See how tiny the sun is compared to how large Betelgeuse is. Now we know how gigantic the sun is compared to the Earth....can you even image Betelgeuse compared to our huge sun...maybe this demonstration helps...all I have to say is "Wow-Weeee"!

And we learned about galaxies. Here's ours (Milky Way) in the making!
Look at all that glue! I had to slide wax paper underneath because I was afraid the paper would get glued to the pan and his Milky Way would be destroyed. Oh, by the way, this old rusty pan is only used for times like these...I don't cook with it! He he!

Can this bottle possibly have any more glitter? Really? Believe it or not, there was still a lot left in the bottle. We're still fighting glitter off of us and everything we own! lol

Master piece hanging in it's rightful to his desk area.

Then he made the Big Dipper.
First I had him do a star to star (dot to dot) of the Big Dipper that I found on the Internet. Then.....

Then he taped his dot to dot (star to star) on top of this piece of black construction paper. Then he used my seam ripper to poke holes in the stars. He peeled the dot to dot off and then taped his Big Dipper on the window so it could shine through the dark. He thought that was pretty awesome!

We also have a "Me in the Universe" project going on but haven't quite finished it. When it is done, I will post pictures of it.


Still learning drawing techniques which he's really starting to enjoy. Well, well, well! lol

Little Man says that this is a mad scientist and he's holding some type of exploding potion.


  1. Enjoyed reading about your week. We will begin mfw adventures week 10 on Monday. :)

  2. Thank you Jennifer-Anne! I'm glad you enjoyed reading about our week. Wow! You are 5 weeks ahead of us. I'm going to have to check your blog out to get some ideas. Have a blessed day!