Saturday, September 24, 2011

MFW Adventures, Week 4

So far, we are loving My Father's World Adventures. It has been a lot of fun and has never been boring. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Okay there, week 4! Lots of crafts, lots of projects, lots of pictures! Enjoy!

  • We learned about another name of Jesus...Light of the World
  • Memory Verse: John 8:12
  • We learned the difference between the spiritual darkness (devil, hopelessness, sadness with no one to look to for answers, hell) and the spiritual light (Jesus, hope, love, eternal life spent with Jesus).
  • Learned that darkness will never overcome light. Jesus will always light our way as we follow Him.
Memory Verse for Week 4 and 5

Supplies for our salt candle.

Spreading the glue...messy!

Jesus, Light of the World salt candle complete! It looks like it's snow covered.

Almost every evening, we have enjoyed our candle light dinner while remembering our Lord and Savior...Light of the World. And yes, we eat with more than forks but this particular dinner we only needed the use dirtying up perfectly clean silverware when we weren't even going to use them.

Memory Verse Puzzle

Almost complete!

Little Man added this to his "Name of Jesus" poster.

This is what it looks like so far.

We're making a very special's a surprise!

Very, very special cake!

And here it is! Guess what, this cake has a very special meaning. This is our "Jesus Cake". 
Jesus Cake 
(meaning of outside of cake)
  •  white icing = Jesus' purity, never sinned
  • white candle = Jesus, Light of the World
  • yellow star = Star of Bethlehem = led wise men to baby Jesus
  • multi-colored sprinkles = each of His children (including us) standing as witnesses for Jesus around the World
  • blue sugar crystals = Grace of God that encircles us

Inside of Jesus Cake.
 Jesus Cake 
(meaning of inside)
  • Brown = our sins
  • Red = Jesus' blood that He shed for our sins
  • Green = reminds us to grow in Christ daily

I borrowed this idea here and here. I changed things up a little bit and added a few of my own ideas. This was so much fun and very tasty, too. Oh, I did do boxed cake but the icing is homemade. Yum!

Little Man made a light switch cover to reflect what he'd learned about Jesus being the Light of the World.

This is his memory verse worksheet. You can find it here.

  • North American Indians
  • Homes of the N.A. Indians
  • Food that they ate
  • Jobs of the men and women Indians
  • Sign language used between many different tribes
  • Indian symbols
Making an Indian Chief: This was not easy and mom had to take over and finish it but it was really neat once it was finished. Page 1 of 2. To make your own Indian Chief, go here. You'll have to give the page a minute to download. Just be patient. :)

You can find the Indian symbols here.

These came from a book that I have called, "Big & Easy Patterns" from Teacher Created Materials, Inc.

Making his Wigwam.

It printed weird!


  • Rod & Staff, Level C
  • Index Card Manipulatives  

Day at the Park

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