Friday, September 16, 2011

Workboxes and Sample Day

Here's a look at our workbox system. 

I have Sue Patrick's system book but have personalized it for us.

You can find these cute activity cards here: and the cute workbox number cards here: Thank you Jolanthe!

On the left side, I use the little subject cards to represent what needs to be done that day. If there are 2 subject cards on one drawer, Little Man is to do whichever one comes first. He does not remove these, only the numbers.

On the right side, I use the numbers to show what order they need to be done in. As he finishes a box, he takes the number and attaches it to his workbox daily grid which I got here

Here's some close up pictures.

I keep the numbers and objective cards in a little plastic bowl tucked neatly behind the red basket on top of the workboxes.

Here's one of the daily grids and when it's not in use, it's placed in the little red basket on the picture right above.

Here's one days worth of workboxes. These change daily.

Here's the first. His calendar book purchased from is used daily. For September, he will be documenting cloud formations on his calendar page. 

Then you see the number 13. He is to place this on our big wall calendar.

Then the 3 red tickets. He can earn 3 tickets a day. First for completing his school work with a good attitude and no complaining. Second for completing all his work in a timely manner. Third for just completing his work. These tickets were for the day before. We are still working on our reward system. We started a couple of weeks ago and I still have no idea what he will be able to trade the tickets in for. lol It makes me go cross-eyed thinking about it. My husband did tell him that if he collected 60 tickets, he could earn a day off of school. Ummm, sounds good except it's really hard to plan a day off when we've got so much to do. I'll work it in though, it's well worth that good attitude and all work completed! Ha! And he seems to love the idea of getting tickets every day.

The Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer card is to remind us to do both before we get carried away and forget. You should never start a busy school day off without prayer! It could ruin your whole day! When they're completed, they return to the little red basket on top.

The star stickers on the side of the picture are for placing on his "Count Up to 100 Days" poster. See one more picture down.

Here's our large wall calendar.

Here's the months. He moves the green arrow to the next month when it is time.

In this drawer is his music and Bible. For his music, this week we have been working on memorizing the song "God Bless America". For Bible, he worked on his Bible verse and also, memorizing it. It was John 8:12. Then he had a Bible activity.

Here's his box for the materials of his Bible activity. He was to make a salted candle with the words "Jesus Light of the World" on it. Then we placed this on our dinner table and ate a candle light dinner for the whole week.

Here's his Bible verse worksheet. You can find this at:  

His reading drawer:

His math drawer:

His handwriting drawer:

His spelling drawer which includes his spelling workbook to look over. The little jar has all of his spelling words cut up. Consonants blue and vowels red. He has to put them together as I call out his spelling words.

I loved that one of his spelling words this week was "Word" with a capital. God's Word! Awesome curriculum!

Then his history drawer...oh and on this day he had two history drawers. We have been study Native Americans. So I read this book, then discussed it, and last, he made a wigwam.

Second history drawer...only because it was a mess and too confusing trying to put everything into one drawer. He was going to make a tepee. Oh, and a Indian Chief.

Little Man...too big for a drawer! lol Just kidding!

And one last drawer had a little index card that said to work on his "already in progress project" which on this day was his WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) poster. There will be more pictures of this on another post once he finishes it. There's one more surprise to it. He's not just coloring it but will also throw waterballoons at it. Can't wait to see how beautiful it will turn out.

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