Friday, October 21, 2011

MFW Adventures, Week 8

Another wonderful week! Time just seems to be flying by! Thanks for stopping by.


  • Memory Verse: Matthew 7:24
    Matthew 7:24-27
  • Psalm 94:22
  • Psalm 95:1-5

Songs we sang:
  • Rock of Ages
  • On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand
  • The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock

What we learned and rediscovered:
  • Jesus the Rock
  • He's strong, can't be broken, can't be moved or pushed around, and is never bothered by the storms of life or distractions.
  • About the man who built his house upon the rock. We should build our life on the Rock (Jesus) by listening and obeying to him. 
  • If we build our house on the sand, when the storms or problems come...our house will fall apart or our life will fall apart.
    Where do you go when you need a safe place? You go to God which is everywhere.
  • We learned about singing to God and that He loves when we do that.

Reading his Bible

We added this to his "Names of Jesus" poster.

Bible verse memorization worksheet which can be found here. His drawing is of a rock with a house on it. There's a storm and waters rising and wild which washed the house on the sand away. You can see the little man floating on a piece of the house that broke away. lol


  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Benjamin Franklin, printer
  • Poor Richard's Almanack
  • His quotes
  • Benjamin Franklin as a young boy
  • How he saved money
  • How he discovered electricity
  • How so many people respected him
  • His life and his accomplishments

His notebooking page for Benjamin Franklin. He drew a metal rod (nail) with lightning striking it.

We added our Benjamin Franklin timeline piece.


  • What the Earth is made of
  • Layers of the Earth
  • What happens inside the Earth (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.)
  • Rocks and minerals
  • Earth: less than 1/3 land, more than 2/3 water

We did this experiment.

This experiment is to see how the magma or liquid rock in the mantle moves around. See the swirls! The colored water is boiling hot water. The water in the coffee pot is cold water.

Then he wanted to do it again! I love that he's really enjoying this. This time we used green and much more to make it darker and easier to see.

Take a look at the green, it is all on the top...they bottom half is the clear, cold water. We talked about how hot/warm rises and cold sinks.

Feeling the top of the pot. It's warm!

Feeling the bottom. It's cold!

Inside Our Planet book, you can find it here.
You can find this here.


Having fun!

Drawing objects in our home.

Here's one object

Here's the other

I joined in the fun.

Other happenings:

The dreaded math!

Spelling test...we are still using Rod & Staff

His calendar book

Just a quick look at our wall calendar


  1. What a cool science experiment! Geology is one of our favorite subjects around our house. Looks like you had a fun week! Visiting from 2 Lady Bugs.

  2. Looks like a full, fun week.

  3. I enjoy drawing alongside my daughter too. Your timeline looks great! Thanks for linking up and sharing your week.