Friday, October 21, 2011

Field Trip, Week 7

We spent this past Friday, October 14, 2011,  on a field trip and had an awesome time. It was Lone Star History Day at Heritage Village Park in Dallas. Afterwards, we went and ate at the Cracker Barrel .... Yummy!

They placed small rocks in these bottles. Then hung them in the tree for good luck.

Doctor's tools....eeekkkk!

Doctor's office while seeing patients

Doctor's office.....the skeleton was used for studying bone structure

Child's bedroom

Downtown Dallas in the background

I took a picture of this because this is the actual bathroom that a rich family build in their house about 20 years before most people had indoor bathrooms.

He had to put the telephones in timeline order. This was very interesting especially when one of the girls told me that the furthest back she could remember was one of the old cell phones. Ha, ha! Boy, I'm old!

Then he got to make his own phone. We're still playing with this even after a week. It really works! But you have to pull the string tight or you can't hear each other.

Going into the old schoolhouse.

All children up to grade 6 had class here. The 7th and 8th graders went upstairs and they were considered highschoolers. Eighth grade was the highest they went. They had pictures of the class of 1891 and 1903. It was really neat to see. I pointed out to Little Man that some of those kids were his age in the picture and some didn't wear shoes. He was amazed!

1800-1900's playground

Old church

We stopped for a break and played some checkers!

This was really neat. You can barely see it but the florescent bulb is lighting up.

She was using the static machine to make lightning. She said she had already been shocked twice that day and was scared of it now. We never saw lightning...that was okay...didn't want her to get shocked again.

Steam engine...well, kind of...once the water boiled inside, the steam coming out of the top would make it spin.

Making static

His hair was too gelled down and wouldn't stick up. Sigh!

Old bank

Old safe

Texas flag

Old cabin

Pottery barn



  1. Great trip, I love going to old places and learning about the past. Why did they put stones in bottles, I haven't heard that one before?
    Thanks for linking up to Field trip hop look like you learned a lot and had a great day!

  2. I LOVE those pics!! I just love history museums especially old homes... I grew up near Rhode Island and we always took trips to those mansions in Rhode Island. I just loved seeing how other people live. I wonder what that says about my personality... now I am curious hehe

  3. How cool! I love historical field trips, but we haven't been on one in a while! I think it's time to plan one!