Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who am I?

Hi! I'm a wife and a mom who loves her family and of course, blogging. Not that I really have time for it but it's lots of fun jumping on here and making a record of times we've shared as a family. I probably spend way too much time on the computer but I'm sorry, it's addictive! Ha!

We love the Lord! We try our best to teach and show are son what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. This isn't always easy because of course, we aren't perfect and sometimes find ourselves struggling to do what's right just with everyday things. Sometimes it feels easier to be selfish but as we know, at the end of the day...that can really cause problems.

I homeschool my 8 year old son who we will call "Little Man." He's sweet as can be but does occasionally have a grouchy streak....he comes by this honestly! I, unfortunately, can have some of my own grouchy moments too but for the most part, we stay on the happy side of things. Back to Little Man! He's a very thoughtful young man! He loves science! When he grows up, he wants to invent an anti-gravity machine and become a super hero. Nothing like shooting for the stars! lol He loves to talk and talk and talk. My husband says he comes by this honestly...although I'm not sure what or who he's talking about! lol  He loves to cuddle and just can't seem to get enough time with us. I hope this never changes! Sigh! He loves homeschooling but dislikes math and spelling....I think it's the fact that he has to sit still too long! Yes, he's all boy!
My dear husband is totally supportive of our homeschool and loves the fact that we, as a family, are so close and have a great understanding of each other. When he comes home at night, he wants us to spend all of our time together. He listens when I'm struggling and tries to help. He's hard working and wants what is best for us. He's the love of my life!

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